Attention is an Asset!

Tony Pec

The largest brands in the world are the largest brands in the world not just because of their quality products or service, but because they are the most known.

Attention is an asset

The companies that everyone strives to become such as Amazon, Facebook and Coca Cola are all constantly investing into their brand in order continuously remain relevant in the modern day.

The more eyes on you and your business, the more opportunity you will have.

In today’s digital age, it is not about being the best, it is about being the most KNOWN. If you have an amazing product or service, paired with attention, it will set you up for massive and long-term success. However, if you have an amazing product or service, but you don’t have attention, then you will not be able to grow as big as you want and you are doing yourself and most importantly those you could be helping with your product or service, a disservice.

Gaining the attention of others is a commodity and a process that requires time and strategy.

Just a few years ago businesses fought to get the attention of the public with tv, radio commercials and print ads. Now there is an opportunity for businesses and brands to get more attention at their fingertips with less barrier to entry and that is on SOCIAL MEDIA.

We sit with a lot of business owners, brands, and entrepreneurs and EVERYONE wants TARGETED attention.

They only want to be put in front of exactly who may buy what they offer.

We’ve heard time and time again “ I’d rather only 5,000 very interested eyes instead of 500,000 people who may not be interested”

However, there are several flaws with this limited thinking.

If you are in front of, lets use the above example, 500,000 people, you will thus have the leverage to get in front of MORE of those who are interested in what you offer. You are also putting yourself in a better position for when interested eyes find you, they will correlate your attention with credibility and success and give more trust in you and your business with what you offer.

If you only have the attention of 5,000 people it will take more convincing for them to trust you.

When you have the attention of more and go broad, which is an easier feat then getting hyper targeted out the gate, it puts you in the position to be able get in front of your target and have them have more instant trust with you and your brand.

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