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Creating Unique Content:

Content is the foundation to any social media platform, and is something that needs to be taken seriously. Strategy is crucial when it comes to creating content, especially if you want to “stand out” and be “different.”

This applies to the photo, video and the caption that you are presenting to the viewer. If you are someone that is creating educational content, the topics in which you speak about need to be shown in a different style. If you just try to copy the way someone else does their educational videos you fall right in line with them, resulting in no separation and not actually embodying who you are as a person. You may think “it’s just an educational video,” that is where you are wrong. The template, the font used, the colors etc. all have to match you as a person to generate the emotion you want the viewer to feel.

Unique is the most important word because not every piece of content that you make necessarily needs to generate you business, lets be real if all you did was try to sell, you are going to eventually get unfollowed. However, if you are creating content that catches the eye and can result in that person to stay on your profile longer, there is a better chance of them taking the time to learn more about you, what you do and potentially reaching out to conduct in a business transaction. Deliver photos and video in a style that none of your competitors are. Be Unique.


This ties into the importance of getting attention. The unique content is what is going to garner the attention that you seek. However, you can not just rely on the content! You must go out and begin engaging with others within your industry, people you can collaborate with or even just getting more involved in the platform as a whole by engaging with anyone and anything.

Attention is the name of the game when it comes to building a brand and need you hit on all cylinders.


This is something that can not be said enough. Consistency is key, as soon as you slow down, your reach will begin to suffer and your brand begins to be forgotten.

So, if you are maintaining consistency with your unique content, engaging with your community, you’re going to reap the benefits eventually creating more opportunity and leverage for you and your brand.


This is what is not only going to generate more business, but entirely separate you from your competitor. Caring for your customers, fans, followers etc. is so vital to growing your brand and becoming a household name. You are never too big to reply to people, and that is something you need to live by. It is understood it can become difficult if your brand really takes off, but make the attempt because just an emjoi reply can go a long way for an individual.

The more you show you care, the more your content is appreciated and the more attention you are going to retain on your brand.

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