Turning Connections into Clients: How LinkedIn Can Help You Go From $0 to Six-Figures in Real Estate

Your network is the livelihood of your business in real estate. So what happens when you have no network? I was 21 years old, with no prior experience, when I was first entered into the world of Real Estate. As my time progressed, I kept on asking myself the same questions over and over again.

  • How can I maximize the impact in my life?
  • How can I grow and scale a strong business model?
  • How can I transfer my previous skills and turn it into to a profitable business?
  • How hard can this really be?

Within the first six months, I found out it was pretty hard! All of the other agents at my firm were securing listings and closing deals with ease, whereas I couldn’t! I exhausted all of my options with no success: cold-calling customers, sending countless emails to my leads, and even door knocking. My last option was LinkedIn. I began to brand myself, and as a result, I started to see an influx of business over the next month.

Here are 5 tips you can use to brand yourself on LinkedIn:

  1. Create a niche

    It is imperative to separate yourself from your competitors by establishing yourself in a niche. What do you specialize in? What are your strengths? The other skills in your arsenal can be put to work at a more appropriate time. While a majority of people will establish themselves in a general field, you will have an easier time standing out in a niche field. Instead of creating leads for residential listings, try to find sellers who own wholesale properties.

    Here are some of the many niches in real estate: land sales for future commercial development; investment sales of three to five family units; and even single family residential properties.
  2. Create Valuable Content

    According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, over nine billion content impressions are seen per week on the platform. However, only three million users (less than 1%) post their own content weekly. The more you post, the more you will be seen by your connections, and the more of an impression you’ll leave on them. When you begin to add value to your posts, you’ll start to build trust and deeper connections with your audience.

    Here are some examples of weekly content you can post for your audience to see: informative videos; featured articles; and podcasts that might have peaked your interest. 
  3. Be Intentional With Your Connections

    The mistake often made with LinkedIn is that it is often approached the same way as other social media platforms. Usually, the premise is to gain followers; however, this isn’t the case with LinkedIn. Having a large following but no actual connection with your followers can actually be detrimental. I cannot overemphasize the importance of ensuring that you deliver quality over quantity! It is better to have ten qualified and quality connections within your customized niche that you engage with regularly than 1,000+ connections that barely know who you are. 

    Most of my LinkedIn connections generally possess similar qualities: they’re risk takers; real estate professionals; entrepreneurial attitude; hold an executive position. Once we connected, I utilized the following roadmap:

    a) Find a common interest. This can be similar interests, hobbies, the same college, same industry, professional industries, or even being from the same town.
    b) Send a message within 24 to 48 hours. Personalize it and re-emphasize the common interests, and be sure to identify whatever it is that attracted you to their page. 
    c) Be quick! Viable business opportunities happen more organically off-line! Provide your phone number or email and ask to meet in person.
  4. Use LinkedIn Groups 

    LinkedIn groups are some of the most underutilized features on the platform. Engaging in groups or creating one of your own can help you connect with individuals in your niche and can also help to brand yourself as a leading voice in your field. If there is not a group you want to join in your region, start one!
  5. Take it Offline

    Taking the connection offline and putting a face to your name is a crucial step to further growing the connection. It is tough to build trust with a possible stranger you might have met online without actually putting a voice, or emotion, to them. Building trust is key. In-person meetings, or a simple phone conversation can build that trust.

Although the 5 tips discussed used the real estate industry as the subject, they can be applied to any professional industry. The world of social media is rapidly becoming the main, and sometimes primary, way people connect. LinkedIn is not any different.

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